Spooky Tunes🎧🎃✨👻

Hello, internet! Tis I, Alesandra, back with another post!

In the spirit of Halloween month, I have curated this playlist of songs that make me feel like it’s Halloween. If you pay close attention, the songs (both title-wise and lyric-wise) come together to form somewhat of a story. I tried my best to include a variety of sounds so that there’s something for everyone on this playlist so sit back, relax, and get spooky! I hope that you have a wonderful Halloween month and thank you for listening!

(P.S. If you listen to all the songs in order, I’d love to hear what you think the story is in the comments!)

Much love always,

Alesandra ✨✌🏽✨💖


“I’ve just had the craziest week…”(And it ended with meeting The Wombats!) ✨🗽✨💖🐨

Hello, internet. Tis’ I, Alesandra! I am back with yet another story/glimpse into my life to share with you all.

So last night, I saw one of my all time favorite bands in concert for the very first time: The Wombats. 🐨 (I know that’s a koala, but that’s the closest emoji to a wombat) Anywho, let’s get started with this story, shall we?

Alright, so let’s just say that the start to my day was…interesting. I intended to get to the venue super early. (I’m talking 9am but I decided that I’d arrive at 1pm instead.) However, I fell asleep doing my hair the night before, so I woke up at about 7am in a panic because I had no idea how the frizzle-frazzle my hair was going to air dry by 7pm without looking crazy. This also foiled my plan to get to the venue ridiculously early because looking good is important, ya know? Thankfully, my wonderful madre brought me a hair dryer so it didn’t take me so long to finish doing my hair.

Moving on to more relevant things, I managed to get ready in time to make it to the venue by 4pm. Of course since I am somewhat of a concert junkie, I considered this to be “late” and seriously thought I would end up being rows back in the crowd during the show. (The mere thought of this broke my heart because I adore The Wombats and I really wanted to get as close as possible during my first concert experience with them.) My dad thought that this was absurd, considering the fact I was nearly 4 hours early. He was kind of right. Haha

 The Calm Before The Storm✨🌤✨

  (The venue, Raven Tower that has an actual tower.)

While waiting in line, I met this cool guy named Kevin who drove FIVE HOURS for this concert. He’s new to the concert scene and was treating himself to a weekend of shows. Absolute insanity. I love it! His red, heart-shaped sunglasses and pink, blue, and yellow patched polo shirt were also very cool as well. Besides Kevin, I also met some lovely ladies named Mariela and Angie who were very friendly. We all passed the time by sharing our various concert stories.

One of the perks of getting to a show early is being able to get a sneak peek of the set list via soundcheck. As I waited, I got to hear snippets of “Give Me A Try” and “Greek Tragedy.”

Once 7pm hit, we were allowed into the venue and I ran-walked all the way to the barricade, remembering to save a space for Kevin. Everyone in that general are talked about our favorite bands and how crazy the concert experience has become lately. Eventually, the intermission music ended and the only opening band came onstage. They are called Mona and they are AWESOME. (Also, we had a Tord sighting. He popped up off and on sidestage to watch Mona’s set and quite frankly, I don’t blame him. They’re awesome.)

(Head’s up: I only captured snippets of songs because I wanted to live in the moment.)

After Mona totally #rekt our lives, we had a 30 minute intermission before The Wombats were to take the stage and completely change my life. During this time, we could see the members of the band backstage as the dressing room door opened closed. Apparently Mighty Murph was getting his hair done. Haha We also got glimpses of Tordoise and The Magnificent Danosour. The crowd did a sing-along to “1901” by Phoenix and I knew right there and then that I had found my people. Eventually, the intermission music dwindled and the crowd fell silent.

                           The Storm✨🐨✨


The lights dimmed and the dressing room door that we had been watching so carefully opened once again. There exited Dan, followed by Murph and Tord. The crowd went absolutely bananas, myself included. The Wombats had arrived. They went straight into their song “Give Me A Try” as I felt all the previous stress that I had felt from that week slowly wane into nothingness. It had been a long time since I had been to a concert but in that moment, I knew I was home.

During the second song, Kevin threw a Texas flag with “The Wombats” written on it that one of the photographers of the night had given to him before the show for that sole purpose. Murph recognized what it was and commented on it. Tord placed it on the amp behind him and they continued their set. The guys had a quick friendly banter with the crowd which included Murph mentioning that it was the last day of the Glitterbug Tour, so if they sounded less than subpar by the end of the night, he apologized in advance. After Murph’s disclaimer, the guys started playing quite the dramatic intro to a song that sounded quite familiar. I automatically knew what it was without even hearing the studio introduction. I’ll just show you all rather than telling you:

Yupp, they played “Moving To New York” a.k.a my everything song. By “everything,” I mean that it’s my go-to song for whenever I need to fully immerse myself into a world of music in order to be inspired. It allows me to completely forget everything that’s going on around me and to dream. That song has instilled a sense of hope within me that I never want to let go of. It is for that very reason that “Moving To New York” is very dear to my heart. It’s probably the song that I play the most on my guitar when I practice, to be honest. I absolutely adore it. (Not to mention the fact that it was the first song that I ever heard from The Wombats. That part where the drums kick in after the guitar intro in the studio version nearly gave me an out of body experience the first time that I heard it. No joke.)

The guys went through a few more popular tunes such as “Tokyo,” “Emoticons,” “1996,” and “Kill The Director,” which is another personal favorite of mine. (I kid you not, it just started playing on my Spotify shuffle after I typed this…)

Murph accidentally introduced the next song as being a song about having a threesome, only to correct himself by saying that “Curveballs” is about having a threesome…then the band started playing “Curveballs.” (I’d be lying if I said that isn’t one of my favorite tracks off of Glitterbug, so that little factoid doesn’t really change how I feel about the song.)

After one particular song ended during their set, Kevin shouted “THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!” to which Murph responded “Thank you. You’re all beautiful.”as he made direct eye contact with me and held it for a moment. He said something else after that (I think something about us being soft???) but I didn’t catch it because I was hit by the feels train.

The next song that they played was “Greek Tragedy” and about halfway through the song, Murph made his way over to my side of the stage and reached out for my hand. It took a moment for me to process the fact that he was reaching for my hand specifically, because he had come over to my side of the stage so frequently during the show that I wasn’t expecting that. I reached out and intertwined my fingers with his as other fans around me began to frantically reach for his hand. He held on to me for a moment before letting go. (Night=Made) Not too long before their set ended, The Wombats brought all of their friends, opening band, crew, and loved ones onstage to thank them all for their hard work and support. They made a toast to the last day of tour and went on with the last couple of songs.

A few more songs in, I expressed my love for Tord the Lord by shouting “WE LOVE YOU, TORD!” to which he looked up and gave me the most precious smile. (I love Tord. That man is like an energizer bunny when he’s onstage. Real talk, if I had nearly as much energy on the daily as Tord has onstage, I would never need sleep. Ever.) Not too long after this, the guys left the stage and left us to chant for an encore. Eventually, Murph returned to the stage to serenade us with “Isabel.

Right after “Isabel,” Tord and Dan joined Murph back onstage. “We’re going to play a couple of more songs for you if that’s alright,” Murph said before they jumped into “Let’s Dance To Joy Division.” (Ok, am I psychic or what, because that song just came on shuffle after I typed that…)  The guys then proceeded to destroy the stage…both literally and metaphorically.

They played this:

…and then they literally tore the stage apart. Murph threw his guitar through Dan’s drumhead as he and Tord helped Dan throw parts of his drumset everywhere. All that I could think of as I watched them destroy the stage was “DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS.” (What’s hilarious is that when I spoke with Dan after the show, he said that was the first time that Murph had done something like that with his guitar. He also said something along the lines of “That’s definitely going to cost more than $100.” That poor guitar. Bless him. Haha) Before the chaos, the band took an end of tour selfie with the crowd. They thanked us all for coming and told us that they couldn’t have dreamed out a better crowd to end the tour with. After shattering my life into a million magnificent pieces and resurrecting it as a euphoric bliss, The Wombats exited the stage once more. Kevin and I waited around momentarily for any setlists that were left, but to no avail. However, this nice staff guy gave each of us one of Tord’s picks. I then headed to the merch table.

                       The Aftermath 💥🎸✨

(The stage at the end of The Wombats’ set.)

After the show, I went to The Wombats’ merch table and bought some buttons. The members of Mona stuck around to meet fans, so I briefly got to speak with their guitarist, Alex. We introduced ourselves and spoke about their set and what it was like touring with The Wombats. Alex said they The Wombats are really nice guys and that they even took him bowling! How sweet is that? As our conversation came to an end, we took a selfie and parted ways. I then met up with Angie and Mariela again. We decided to wait to see if The Wombats would come out to meet fans. While we waited, I witnessed some truly adorable bromance between the members of Mona. Alex slow-danced in circles with one of his bandmates while singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley. Not too long after that, I spotted Dan in the now mostly empty venue.

img_0240(Me and Alex from Mona)

As we headed in his direction, Tord and Murph also came into view, surrounded by fans. Angie, Mariela, and I got in line to meet Murph but since the guys were somewhat dispersed and my ride was already at the venue waiting to pick me up, I went up to the guys one by one. Angie and Mariela were nice enough to let me go ahead of them in line because I was in somewhat of a rush. When Tord finished taking pictures with a couple of fans, I called his name and he turned around to say hello. We talked about the show and he told me how he and the band had been touring for 18 months. I told him I bet that he was ready to go home. He looked off into the distance to ponder for a split for a second before looking back at me and responding “Actually…yeah!” He also mentioned that he had no idea why they hadn’t been to Texas in so long, aside from festivals. We took a picture together, as well. I wished him a safe trip home before asking for a hug. We hugged and I walked back over to Murph to wait to get the chance to speak with him.

img_0224(Me and Tord. If you look closely behind us, you can see a wild Murphbat in his natural habitat.)

When I met Murph, he hugged me as we said hello to each other and he said “Thank you for giving us so much energy up there,” much to my surprise. I had briefly made eye contact with Murph and Tord a few times during the show as we enthusiastically sung their songs but I didn’t think either one of them had actually noticed me as an individual. (Besides Murph grabbing my hand…I guess that does count. Haha) I told him it was no problem and that The Wombats are one of my favorite bands. I also told him that when I got my Fender (a.k.a my baby) for Christmas, “Moving To New York” was the first song that I played on it. (Looking back, it was technically the second song that I played on it in the store but it was definitely the first song that I played on it when I took it home. My bad, Murph.) Murph thanked me for coming out and I asked him for the band to please come to Houston again soon. He said they would. 🙂 We got a selfie and I said goodbye before walking over to Dan to say hello.

img_0227(Murph and myself. As you can see, Murph is quite tall. Also, yes, I am wearing a fanny-pack. Don’t judge me…)

Dan looked up from his conversation with Kevin and said hello to me. Being the awkward person that I am, I went in for a hug at the same time that Dan went in for a handshake. We both laughed as we hugged. I talked to Dan about how this was my first time seeing The Wombats live and how I enjoyed it. He seemed really excited as he told me how Murph had never done anything like “that” before. “That” was Murph throwing his guitar through Dan’s bass drumhead in a true rock n’ roll fashion. As previously stated, he also said “That’s definitely going to cost more than $100,” and if I remember correctly, he said that Murph’s guitar is named “Old Blue” and according to Dan, it has been through worse. Apparently, it’s gone on various adventures to the repair shop. He also explained that he was afraid that the show would be cancelled at first because they weren’t sure if they could do their usual live setup on that stage. Apparently the original venue, White Oak Music Hall wasn’t big enough, so they had to move nextdoor to Raven Tower. He said that they had to drill holes into the stage to make it work and Kevin and I were both amused because we most definitely heard drilling before the show. Now we knew why. We told Dan and he confirmed that that is what it was.

Dan was really nice and seemed to be the most talkative of the trio. He, Kevin, and I went on to talk about how we all feel an invisible twinge of pain when our instruments suffer any form of damage that most people don’t seem to understand. I told Dan I’m also the same way with my sketchbook. (Seriously, if you’ve bent the pages as you flip through them, I’ve more than likely had a mini heart attack while watching you do so.) I wanted to stay and talk more but alas, I needed to head out. My ride was waiting for me outside. I asked Dan for a picture and we selfied it out before saying goodbye. I also asked him for the band to come back to Houston and he said that they would soon. (I’M STOKED.) I told him goodbye and to be safe getting back home. He thanked me and I headed towards the entrance of the venue outside.

img_0230(Me and Dan. Shoutout to that guy who’s photo-bombing us in the background. That’s like the 5th time I’ve been photo-bombed in a picture with another musician…haha)

As I was leaving, I heard someone say “I love your lipstick!” I turned around to see Vince and Jordan from Mona. “I could literally see your lipstick from on the stage, Vince continued.” (I had been wearing my favorite blue lipstick…in fact, my entire outfit from eyelids to converse was blue, minus my black skinny-jeans. I was originally going to go to the show dressed as a Glitterbug, but I ended up being all blue instead…Close enough.) “Thank you,” I responded. “Is it cool if I get a picture with you,” I asked. Vince and Jordan eagerly agreed and we snapped a quick selfie. “I try,” I continued, “Well at least sometimes, I do. Haha” “Well it works for you,” Vince said. “I like how you did all blue,” he added. Jordan agreed. I thanked them again and told them how much I loved their set, to which they thanked me. We spoke for a bit and then I said goodbye and headed into the night.


(Vince, Jordan and I. These guys were so sweet, ya’ll. Please check out their band Mona.)

And with that, one of the most magical nights of my life came to an end.

 You know how the first line of “Moving To New York” says: “I’ve just had the craziest week?” Well, I’ve had the craziest past few months. I hadn’t been to a concert and ages and last night was the closest to myself that I’ve felt in a long time so I’d like to take a moment to thank The Wombats for that. Thank you for continuing to make music that inspires me to continue to dream and fills my heart with hope and a sense of wonder. It reminds me of who I am and who I want to be. I hope I can be that person one day and will be able to create something with my art and my music that can instill such a euphoric feeling in someone else and inspire them to do the same. 

And to those of you who read this all the way through, thank you so much. I know that I write a lot, but I try my best to include every detail so that I can immerse you all in my stories so you can feel as though you were there with me. Thank you again and have an awesome week!

Much love always,


Dammit, Tim. 

Apart from some profanity, I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Cosplay and Commentary

Tim Burton, as a fan, I feel like you just pissed in my cereal, man. I tried, for many years, to pretend that youweren’t just another out-of-touch, willfully ignorant Hollywood disappointment of a with a boner for whiteness and eurocentrism. In fact, when I first heard that you’d be directing the big screen adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar children, I was fucking stoked. I thought you’d perfect for bringing the story and characters that I had come to adore to life.

The first time I read that book was over two years ago in a “wellness clinic” (psych ward) after a failed suicide attempt. I was terrified and lost, and happened to find that book on the tiny little bookshelf inside the clinic. It sounds cheesy, sure, but the story helped me a lot during a dark time in an unfamiliar place where I felt completely alone, sharing…

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San-Japan 2016: My First San-Japan! 🇯🇵

Hello, internet! It’s your girl Ales and I am back with yet another blog post about something interesting that has just recently happened to me! This past labor day weekend, I attended my first San-Japan. For those of you who are unfamiliar with San-Japan, San-Japan is considered to be the largest anime convention in South Texas. Not only did it have a plethora of amazing guests and panels that I enjoyed, but it had this sort of charm to it that made it one of my favorite cons that I’ve ever attended! On that note, I’ll be giving  you all a brief overview about my favorite experiences from the con, as well as some pictures and gifs to add some pizazz to your reading experience. So, let’s get started!

Day 1: Friday

Ok, so Friday…wow, was that an interesting day despite the fact that my friends and I got there late.😅

1) Once my friend Amber and I got to San Antonio after FIVE HOURS of driving from Houston (thanks, traffic…) we unpacked all of our belongings at her place and she, her sister Ashley, and I went  to get food from Chick-Fil-A while we waited for our friend Kiori to arrive.

2) Kiori arrived soon after we got back to Amber and Ashley’s house, ate and got ready for the first day of the con.

3) After we got ready, we took THE most lit uber ride of our lives. I mean this man had a friggn’ disco ball in his car that lit up as he blasted old school rap music. (LIT ✨🔥✨) We also had an in depth conversation with him about the time that he discovered that his son is a brony. It was interesting to say the least.

4) Once we got to San-Japan, we picked up our badges and headed to our first panel: Cosplay Combat. Now this is where things took a turn for the wild. The main purpose of this panel was to allow con-goers to learn how to wield their prop weapons for pictures under the guidance of an actual weapons specialist. (Amber was pretty sure that this man was an assassin after he said that he was trained in over 30 weapons…)

5) While teaching a man how to unsheathe and wield his fake sword for a picture, the panelist got smacked in the head when the man he was instructing decided to SWING HIS SWORD AROUND LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. Now, I’m no psychic but you’re probably thinking something along the lines of: “Oh no, it was a prop. The panelist didn’t get injured!” Well I hate to break it to you but if you’re thinking that, you are dead wrong. Everyone in the panel heard the impact of the sword hitting the panelist’s head and although he assured us that he was ok and that there was no hard feelings towards the man that hit him, he actually started bleeding from his forehead a few minutes into his continuation of the panel. I mean blood was just pouring from that cut. Of course the panelist didn’t notice this for a while but when he did, he simply asked “Can someone please get me a paper towel? It appears that I’m bleeding. I’m fine. I just don’t want to make a mess.”(The guy who hit him got embarrassed and left.) Seeing the audience’s overall look of concern, he went on to reassure us that he was fine and that “Since you have lots of blood vessels in your head, it makes even the smallest cut look worse than it actually is.” And like that, he continued with the panel. We learned a few self defense tips that could applied to our daily lives.

(Protip: If some creep is trying to hug you and you don’t want it, hold your arm straight at a ninety-degree angle and they can’t break that. Hooray for bone structures!) The alternative that is easier, but much more violent, is to just elbow them really hard in the armpit and then “run before the police come.” (A lot of the more violent techniques we were taught ended with that line. Gotta run from the Po-Po ‘cuz illegal crimes are a no-no!”)

6) After the exciting series of events that unfolded in the previous panels, Ashley and I went to see this J-Rock band called Rookiez is Punk’d in concert. The concert was awesome, to say the least. Also, it involved a lot of jumping…I mean a LOT of jumping. (I was tired about three songs in which is unusual for me!) When the show was over, Ashley and I grabbed some merch and waited in line to meet the band. While we waited, we learned some Japanese! Apparently “Shaseen e deska?” (Sorry if I butchered that spelling, I don’t know how to type in Kanjii) means “Is a picture ok? or Is a picture good?” in Japanese! (Thanks, nice girls who were standing next to me and Ashley in line!) As we got to the front of the line, Ashley and I got to talk to Rookiez’s manager for their American Tours and he was super chill! He was telling us about how nice the guys are even outside of the band and he told us that if we knew any Japanese at all, now would be the time to utilize it. We tested “Shasheen e deska” and he gave us his super manager seal of approval! Like he said, the guys in Rookiez were super nice and I was actually surprised that when I asked Shinnosuke, the band’s lead singer for a picture in Japanese, he actually understood me! I guess I spoke Japanese fluently after all. Haha

7) When the concert was finished, Ashley and I went to meet back up with Amber and Kiori. On our way out, we ran into the coolest new 52 Joker cosplay that I’ve seen! When we found him, he was just sitting there on the hotel couch, legs spread out in a true Joker fashion as he talked on the phone. It looked like a scene straight out of the Suicide Squad movie. He just looked so unbelievably cool and in character!


Due to my timid nature, I was a bit nervous to ask The Joker for a picture. However, I’m so glad that I did! I love how this picture came out. After our little pit-stop, Ashley and I eventually reunited with Amber and Kiori. We were originally going to go to the rave that they had that night, but we were just too tired from the road trip to San-Antonio. Instead, we all decided to go home and save our energy for Saturday’s rave.

(Speaking of Suicide Squad, I counted all the Harley Quinn cosplays that I saw and came to a grand total of 29, as well as 4 Joker cosplays.)

8) The rest of our night before heading home was spent exploring the riverwalk. I played Pokemon Go as we walked and caught five Jigglypuffs. Awesomesauce.

Day 2: Saturday (a.k.a My Favorite Day)

So to start off, this was by far my favorite day of the entire convention. Saturdays are usually Anime Conventions’ biggest days so of course San-Japan Delivered.

1) After donning our costumes, the squad and I hopped into another uber and headed to the con. We all dressed up this day. I was The Sky. (again..haha) We all made a B-line straight for the dealer’s room as soon as we stepped foot in the convention hall. I actually made a dealer’s room haul video if you all are interested in that sort of thing!

2) My friends and I spent a great amount of time in the dealer’s room on Day 2. I’m talking about at least a good couple of hours. When we finished with that, our journey to various panels began.

3) One of my favorite panels that we attended was the Cosplay Dating game. It was an 18+ panel that definitely lived up to its label but it was tons of fun. I learned that apparently One Punch man is a connoisseur in the language of love. (Who woulda thunk it?!) Another panel that I loved that I went to earlier was a Q&A with Rookiez is Punk’d where they showed us some pictures that they took while on tour and indulged in fans’ curiosities. Someone also gave Shinnosuke a birthday present since Friday was his birthday. It was nice!

4) Last, but above all not least, was the rave. If any of you reading this know me personally, you probably know that I absolutely adore the EDM scene. Although I don’t attend EDM festivals, Anime Convention raves are my absolute favorite. This rave in particular was by far one of the most raves that I’ve been to. Although, it did start out kind of strange. As my friends and I were dancing in the crowd, I heard this guy next to us say “Well, everybody likes butts!”Next thing we know, Ashley, Kiori, Amber, and I have this group of random dudes aggressively rubbing their butts on us. We tried to shimmy away but they just followed us (using their butts). It was weird. In true comedic fashion, we started a conga line that actually grew to be pretty huge just to escape those guys. Eventually, we moved to the outskirts of the crowd where we felt more comfortable. That’s when the definition of P.L.U.R. happened.

5) Apparently our enthusiastic dancing attracted a crowd and we started a dance circle! (I’m so sad, though. I took snapchat videos of it but we got home so late that I forgot to save my story.) Everyone took turns sharing the spotlight in the center of the circle and when I felt uncertain about my dance skills outside of shuffling, Luffy from One Piece grabbed me by the hands and danced with me until I felt comfortable, which I thought was super sweet. I think the thing that I loved most about this experience is about how loving and respectful everyone involved was. There was no judgement about how or with whom you danced. There was just peace, love, unity, and respect. It was just like how I imagine raves should be. (I also finally got my first pair of gloves from a little stand in the venue which I was super excited about because I’ve always had a fascination with gloving.) We danced the night away until about 3 am and then went home to rest for the next, and final day.


Day 3: Sunday


(My outfit for Day 3)


1) On this day, we started out as any otaku should by participating in Anime Zumba! We danced to tons of anime openings but my favorite songs to dance to were definitely “What Does The Fox Say?” and “Gangnam Style.”

2) After this, I split from my squad to go to the Chiptune Appreciation 101 panel which actually turned out to be quite informative. I learned a lot of new information about the history of chiptune music that I did not previously know.

3) In between trips to the dealer’s room, we went to a Tea Ceremony, thinking that we would be served tea but that actually was not the case. It turned out to be an actual panel in which we witnessed a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It was interesting, I guess.

4) The squad and I went back to the riverwalk to get food before heading to the closing ceremony. I had some delicious blueberry pancakes from IHOP. It was gr8.

5) Lastly, we went to San-Japan’s closing ceremony where people enthusiastically shouted out about Harambe and tried to get the head honcho of San-Japan to eat a ghost pepper. (Why did they want to put that poor man through that? I don’t know. I also found out that apparently Mr. CreepyPasta wears a mask in real life to hide his identity?? ) The con guests and staff thanked everyone for attending before giving us a preview of next year’s theme: Final Fantasy! And with that, my first San-Japan came to an end.

Please enjoy this collection of photos that I took at the convention, as well as this video that my friend Amber took. (Please excuse my sleepiness in it. I’m usually much more upbeat. haha. And as always, thank you so much for reading!

Much love,


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Today in Alesandra’s Adventures🐶💻👾

Today, I was in computer science class and my professor looked at the girl next to me and said “You didn’t bring your dog to class again, did you?” I was really confused because I was sitting right next to this girl and didn’t see a dog anywhere but the girl was holding this drawstring backpack that she was wearing on the front of her person and was like “Yeah.” The teacher asked  “Can it breathe in there??” so the girl looked inside the bag and said “Yeah. It’s sleeping right now.” Then, our professor looks at me, just as visibly confused as I feel. I could not believe for one second that this girl brought a dog to class in a backpack but then halfway through class, I hear a tiny whimper and THE CUTEST, SMALLEST, BEAN OF A NEWBORN PUPPY POPS OUT OF HER BACKPACK. THIS GIRL ACTUALLY BROUGHT A NEWBORN PUPPY TO CLASS AND IT MADE MY DAY. I am starting to absolutely love Computer Science class. It has binary code and puppies galore. What more could you need?


Junk of My Heart🎶💓🎶

Honestly, I am so in love with The Kooks. They’re one of those bands where I feel as though I absolutely need to own their entire discography in physical copies. I’m listening to Junk of The Heart right now. It’s one of my favorites and I just love everything about this band both lyrically and instrumental wise. The line in “Is It Me” where Luke says:

“There is a violence in love

Some things I’ll never understand

So where the bullets missed you out

They hit me and I’m falling down again~”


I don’t know…something about that part just resonates with me. Not only that, but the guitars in this album are absolutely beautiful, if I must say so myself. I don’t know why I’m randomly writing this little review about a band that I’ve known of for quite some time but goodness, do I love them. I hope to see them live someday.

Thank you for reading my random little thoughts.

~Alesandra 💓


Sunday Funday: Introducing NeW bEAt FUNd

new beat fund

So, about a week ago (Friday, June 26th, if you want to be specific) I attended the Vans Warped Tour. Since this was my 5th year of attending The Vans Warped Tour I had my routine ready: Smuggle a pizza lunchable past security, run to the port a potties before they get super gross, grab a $2 set list to save time, and then RUN. There are bands to be seen!

Anywhoozles, the day went pretty much as planned. You know, minus the sun nearly taking me out halfway throughout the day. Lucky for myself and my fellow Warped goers, a overcast miraculously occurred midday, which was just in time for me to recover and continue to hop from stage to stage to see some of my favorite bands. As the evening approached, my friend Ashli and I were headed over to a stage to watch this band called Koo Koo Kangaroo perform. I was intrigued by a sign that I had seen for them earlier that morning. It was a giant cut out of one of their members’ faces with the caption “WE SING SONGS ABOUT PANCAKES.” I mean…who doesn’t love pancakes? I couldn’t pass that up!

On our quest to the land of pancake jams, my friend Ashli and I were approached by a young man who greatly resembled Kurt Cobain.  Now, let me set the scene for you. Ashli and myself were walking past the many tents that made up the Vans Warped Tour and the stage we were looking for was in sight, I noticed a handsome young man in a purple top and sunglasses with medium length, shaggy blonde hair. He could’ve been Kurt Cobain’s doppelganger. Problem is, he was smackdab in the middle of our path.  I noticed him looking at me but I just assumed it was just a coincidence. Being the awkward person that I am, I glanced at him before I started to move out of the way to the left. Almost as though he’d read my mind, he mirrored my movement and blocked our path once again. Ashli and I stopped to look at him, somewhat confused. He then said what I believe to be the greatest ice breaker of all time. “Let me guess.. you’re the alien…” he said as he pointed at Ashli, “and you’re the sun!” he said, now pointing at me.

Alright, I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty weirded out at this point. My thoughts were along the lines of “Why did this guy who looks exactly like Kurt Cobain just stop us and tell me that my friend looks like an alien and that I look like the sun? ” At first, I thought that was some strange form of flirting but to my relief, he gestured us towards at a cardboard cutout of the sun and an alien surfboarding that stood in front of a tent that read “New Beat Fund.” Turns out that I’d stumbled up one of the bands that I had intended to see perform earlier that day! I’d heard of them through my former best friend’s brother. He told me that the guys in New Beat Fund were super chill and that I should check them out so I liked them on Facebook and listened to a song or two but that was ages ago, so I didn’t remember much of what they sounded like when I saw them again.

Ashli and I approached the cutout as a tall, burly man with a red beard and a thin buzzcut excitedly removed his head from one of the cutouts so that one of us could take his place. I handed Kurt’s doppelganger, whose name is actually Shelby (and is really cool) my phone. My friend Ashli popped her face into the hole where the alien’s face would have been and I shimmied over to take my place as the sun’s face. Shelby snapped some photos of us and then we stepped out from behind the cutouts to continue our conversation. Shelby told us about his band, New Beat Fund, and I mentioned that I’d heard of them through a friend. “Did you catch our set earlier?” he asked excitedly. Sadly, I had to admit that I had missed their set earlier that day. The heat was WAYYYYY too much and set times for most of the bands I wanted to see were pretty much back to back. (Riff Raff was one of the many sets I missed as a result of that) “Well have you listened to our music before? :)” He continued. “Yes, but I will admit it was a while ago.” I replied. “Well, we have a new album called Sponge Fingerz out now!” he said as he gestured toward the album in his hand.

sponge fingerz

(NeW bEAt FUNd’s new album Sponge Fingerz)

     Shelby kindly offered to let me purchase the album directly from him but I had to say no due to a lack of funds. I’d spent most of my money on food and drinks in an effort to keep cool. (Curse you, $5 froyo….) “Well that’s ok! You can always listen to it on Spotify,” said Shelby. “I will definitely do that” I responded. However, Shelby did inform me on the unique exchange that occurs when you buy a CD directly from the artist. I wish I had spent the $5 and purchased that album from him, to be honest. I listened to Sponge Fingerz later that week and it is GREAT.

After educating me on the awesome exchange that I totally should have partaken in, Shelby reached his hand over to New Beat Fund’s merch table and began to grab a poster that had a picture of himself and his fellow bandmates on it. “Want a poster?” Shelby asked, excitedly. “Sure!” I said in response. I was slightly taken aback by his generosity. He grabbed a poster and handed it to one of his fellow bandmates who was wearing some very stylish daisy covered sunglasses with circle frames before turning his attention back to me. “I’m gonna get all of the guys to sign it for you!” he said excitedly. As we waited for the poster to be signed by Shelby’s fellow bandmates, I felt compelled to ask him a question. I looked at him and began to ask “Has anyone ever told you-”  “Yes.” he responded with a smile as though he already knew what I was going to ask. I laughed and continued “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kurt Cobain?” I felt kind of bad for finishing that question because right after I did, Shelby let out a deep sigh. “I’M SORRY” I repeated a few times before he shook his head jokingly and said “It’s ok.” He then handed me the poster. (Shelby, if you’re reading this I AM SO SORRY. I hope I didn’t offend you or hurt your feelings.)

After he and his bandmates signed the poster, I met some other members of the band. Next to Snapz, the guy with the daisy sunglasses, was a guy who looked similar to him. He had vibrant, purple hair and wore some equally awesome circular framed sunglasses that had a black and white zig zag print on them. “Hi, I’m Burnie!” he greeted me. “I’m Alesandra! Nice to meet you.” I responded. He tried to clarify that he had pronounced my name correctly as we shook hands but I couldn’t hear him over the sound of the band that was performing on a stage across from us. “Alesandra with an “s” I said, unsure if that’s what he’d already said.

After hanging at New Beat Fund’s tent for a bit, we  told the guys goodbye and I’m pretty sure I thanked Shelby again for the poster. Ashli and I decided to head on over to the stage that was not too far from their tent to watch Koo Koo Kangaroo. We sang about cat parties and fanny packs and had a jolly good time.

New Beat Fund are some really cool guys with some great tunes. I hope you enjoyed this story and thanks for reading!

Much love,


//The 1975//Strawberry Moon Theory✨🍓✨🌙

Listen up, Kiddos. I have a hypothesis. Now, I am an avid supporter of The 1975. In fact, they are one of my favorite bands. So of course I was extremely upset when they pulled a vanishing act last evening. Who likes it when their favorite band disappears? No one. All they left us with was this cryptic comic and the color pink.

However, amidst the madness, my friend Angela was talking about a Strawberry Moon last night. I thought I was crazy because I immediately thought “pink moon…pink…pink! This has something to do with The 1975!” But I thought that I was over analyzing things. I had never even heard of a Strawberry Moon, let alone what the color of one was. That was until Angela confirmed that the Strawberry Moon is pink! Which brought me to this conclusion: What if The 1975 are waiting until June 2nd, at the arrival of the Strawberry Moon to make a rebirth and release new music? Look at this. Pink on pink!

After sharing my theory with my friend Jill, she even thinks that the new single could be named “Strawberry Moon.”

I hope I’m right. Please do comment telling me your ideas and theories!


Lets Talk About Alien Happiness. 👽

(HELLO, HELLO, INTERWEBZ! Tis I, Alesandra! I have returned from the treacherous turmoil that was Spring Semester finals and I am back with a new post!)

Now, lets talk Human Sadness, or rather “Alien Happiness,” as Julian Casablancas calls it. The Strokes front man has released a new music video for his most recent musical endeavor, Julian Casablancas+The Voidz . Jules and The Voidz have just graced the internet with this beautiful piece of art that I have linked above. Now, I don’t want to be that one stereotypical hipster that says “OH DUDE. THAT WAS SO DEEP LIKE, DID YOU GET THAT?” because no, I did not understand everything in this music video/short film. However, I did take away a few things upon viewing this. I shall list said things below:

1. I originally thought that this was going to be a post apocalyptic music video. It was(‘nt)?

2. The video covered some pretty important political topics that we are seeing in the media today: Racism, War, The Enviornment, etc. Although I haven’t fully deciphered what all of the imagery related to these topics mean, they definitely struck a chord within me.

3. Amir’s hair is still ridiculously flawless.

4. Alex crying made my heart hurt. A lot. I won’t spoil anything else.

5. At the end of this video, I had the biggest smile on my face.

Overall, I loved the Human Sadness/Alien Happiness music video and the video itself made me appreciate the song even more. Before I go, enjoy this live video of part of Human Sadness that I recorded at my first JC+The Voidz show.

And remember,  Beyond all ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I will be meeting you there.